Dave Naude
I started flying in 1987 at the Defence Flying Club where I completed my PPL in approximately one year. Whist training for my PPL I had various instructors of which the most prominent was Mich du Toit. I later completed my Commercial licence and instructors rating flying part time, flying mostly on weekends. Once I completed my CPL I helped many students with conversions onto various type of aircraft. I was also involved in High School Waterkloof’s Flying Academy, which was operated by Aerosud. I am really passionate about instruction and love to help people to learn to fly at a affordable rate.LSAT was started by Theo Jordaan and Myself at Rhino Park Airfield, where affordable flying is our main concern. At the time of writing this I have a total time of 5800 hours with more than 4000 of those hours being accumulated on Jabiru aircraft. We also specialize in owner training on most GA aircraft.

Andrew Duncan
I started flying in the middle 2006 after I graduated high school, at Wonderboom airport. I completed my PPL at the end of that year and went on to finish my Commercial Pilot License in the beginning of 2009 and two weeks later also tested for my Grade 3 instructors rating. I instructed at Wonderboom airport for more than 2 years before I started the Zwartkop Highschool Flight Academy and stared working at Light Sport Aviation Training in 2012. I am passionate about flying and love to see the satisfaction on a student’s face when they succeed in the art of flying. currently I hold a Grade 2 instructors rating and have over 2000 hours of which 1800 has been gained by instructing. As my passion for teaching I still run and own together with Theo and Dave as partners, the Zwartkop Flight Academy and Light Sport Aviation Training and recently got the go ahead start and run the new flight school opening soon at Bundu Flyinn.

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