Commercial Pilots License

The Commercial Pilots License (CPL) is a Part 61 license and is administered by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The Commercial Pilots License allows the holder to fly fixed wing aircraft by day, night or under instrument meteorological conditions (if rated) for reward (payment).

You can add advanced ratings to a CPL as well such as a tug rating, agricultural rating or instrument rating as well as a post maintenance flight test rating (with 500TT and 300 hrs P1). This is the license required to work as a professional pilot.

Requirements to obtain a CPL 
1.Be at least 18 years old
2.Class 1 Medical
3.200 Hours Total flight time
3a.100 Hours Solo Flight
3b.5 Hours Night Solo Flight
3b.40 Hours Instrument time* (of which 20 may be in a simulator)
4.General Radio License
5.Theory subjects

Theory Subjects
1.Aircraft Technical and General
3.Air Law 
4 Operational Procedures
5.Radio Aids
6.Human Performance and Limitations
7.Flight Planning
8.Navigation General and Plotting