Dunkeswell 2016

On Saturday 8TH August 2015, Two South Africans Sean CB Bruton (snr) pilot, and his son Sean WT Bruton (jnr) student pilot with the Pegasus AX3 Cyclone were part of the 106 planes in the World Record smash.

This is the spectacular moment when the skies about Devon resembled the Battle of Britain as pilots smashed the world record for launching the most planes from one airfield in an hour.

Fliers covered the sky above Dunkeswell airfield with 106 aircraft but later said they could have topped 200.

Pilots from all over the country took part in the event, with a mixture of microlights, biplanes, twin-engine and vintage planes all taking to the sky.

A large crowd witnessed the stunning sight as the assorted aircraft soared into the record books. The attempt at Dunkeswell airfield in Devon easily beat the previous record of 87 set in the Netherlands in 2004.

It was organised by flight school owner Jim Greenshields who said they could easily have reached the 150 figure had fog not delayed many planes due from the South East. The planes began taking off at 3pm on Saturday and by 4pm there was 106 in the sky.

Jim, 58, who has been arranging the world record attempt for four months, said: “It was unbelievable. “It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. “We thought there was going to be about 150 but a lot of places [on Saturday] were fogged in. “We could have done so many more but we just ran out of planes. “We could have done 200 easily. “It was unbelievable. All the noise from the engines – it was reminiscent of the Battle of Britain. “Somebody said it was like a swarm of wasps leaving the hive.”

Each pilot was responsible for their own safe take off as multiple planes headed down the small runway at the same time. Jim, who went up in a vintage 1942 Boeing Stearman, added: “I was near the back so I got the most amazing views. I have never seen anything like this “Each pilot just had to do their job. They all did an amazing job.

“Some of the microlight planes were travelling at 40mph and some of the planes were going at around 180mph. “Everyone had to be aware of what was going on but it went off without a hitch.” Jim now has to send off the paperwork and witness statements to the Guinness World record and hopes to have the record approved within two weeks. It will become his second world record in two years after he flew the 43 planes in just one day. The mass flight world record attempt was in aid of Made a Wish foundation and has so far raised nearly #2,000