Instructors Rating

The instructors rating allows the commercial pilot to act as an instructor on the aircraft types as endorsed in his or her log book. Some pilots use this as a method of gaining experience, although it should be considered as a long term commitment to the aviation industry.

Requirements to obtain an Instructors Rating

1. Hold valid Commercial Pilot’s licence or Airline Transport Pilots’ Licence.

2. You must complete an approved training course, which involves theoretical knowledge pertaining to instruction and the presentation of ground and air exercise briefings.

3. You must have completed 20 hour’s of “Patter”, which is the process of learning to teach in the cockpit environment, and learning how to effectively demonstrate the various flight manoeuvres, while providing meaningful commentary.

4. You must have passed the SA-CAA theoretical examinations.

5. Pass a combined theoretical and practical flight test with a SA-CAA nominated Designated Flight Examiner (DFE).