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Legendsky was started in 2008.

We believe that aviation training should be of the highest international standard, safe and affordable. It is with this vision that our CEO Dave Naude established Legendsky in 2008 and has trained thousands of pilots since. Legendsky operates a modern fleet of composite aircraft comprising:

Jabiru J120

Jabiru J120

These are the smallest Jabiru series when looking at the interior cabin widths. This model was re-launched in 2009 and Australia called it the J120 but it is the same model as the SP with some cosmetic changes with longer engine cowlings and bigger tail. 

 Jabiru J430

Jabiru J430

The J430 not only looks great but has excellent flying characteristics to. This aircraft combines the best of both its predecessors the J400 and J450 flying characteristics (Note the J450 wing is no longer manufactured) with quicker take off and an impressive climb rate of 1500 ft per minute.

Jabiru J170D

Jabiru J170D

The J170 was developed with the flying schools in hotter climates in mind. It is the J160 with the longer wings of the J230 and a bigger elevator. The longer wings allow it to climb faster in hot conditions. The longer wings also provide more float on landing which is helpful when learning to land. 

Jabiru J432

Jabiru J432


The Jabiru J432 twin engine first prototype registration ZU – FYO has completed flight tests and rigorous testing and has obtained its authority to fly. We are still waiting on SA Civil Aviation Authority to give approval for the model to go into production.

- Sharl van Zuydam, Instructor

- Sharl van Zuydam, Instructor

We’ll help you build flight experience quickly to meet airline and corporate hiring minimums.

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